Tulane Naval ROTC Alumni 
Association, Inc.


Attendance List

Thursday, 2 November from 11AM-1PM at the Kendall Cram room

year/organization Name Notes
1944 Norris Fant Keynote Speaker WWII VET
1944 Tom Wicker WWII VET
1945 W. James Amoss, Jr. WWII VET
1955 Elliott M. Bain  
1955 Thomas G. Lilly RADM, USN Ret.
1957 Frank Stewart Stewart Capital, LLC
1958 Tom Randolph  
1959 Wayne Bienvenu  
1959 Thomas Lind  
1962 Bill Vaudry  
1963 Steve Bratten  
1964 David Eustis  
1966 Robert T. France  
1966 Greg Kahn  
1974 Dabney Ewin Jr.  
1975 Tom Dolan  
1975 David Oberholtzer  
1975 Don Skotty  
1976 Randal Torres  
1977 John Stelly  
1977 Jack Capella  
1978 Rod Skotty  
1979 Larry J. Tortorich  
1979 Don Vinci  
1980 Nora Huete  
1980 Tim Huete  
1980 William Turner  
1980-83 MOI Dr. Lou Campomenosi Adjunct Prof, TU
1982 Brian Bourgeois  
1984 Mike Hallal  
1987 Keith Allen  
1989 Frederick Teuscher, Jr.  
1990 Attendee  
1991 John Crews  
1995 Todd Fujimoto  
2007 Jackson Smith  
2010 Erik Lindholm  
2011 Trevor Christman  
2015 Erik Blankenbaker  
2017 ENS Fujisaka  
2017 ENS Langford  
2017 ENS Miller  
President Tulane NROTC Alumni Association  E. Morris Gray, Jr.  
President Tulane University Michael A. Fitts  
Dean, Newcomb-Tulane College James M. MacLaren, M.A., Ph.D.  
Tulane University Office of Alumni Relations Vice President for Alumni Relations James E. Stofan  
Associate Dean Graduate Programs and Summer School, Xavier University Marcus S. Cox, MBA, Ph.D.  
Coordinator of Veterans Services Privateer Enrollment Center (PEC), University of New Orleans Faith Cutrera  
Tulane University Archivist, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Ann E. Smith Case, CA  
Commander, AFROTC Det 320
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Professor of Military Science, Tulane University LTC Bettina K. Avent, US Army  
Vice President, Education and Access, The National WWII Museum COL Peter D. Crean, USA  
Jesuit Hich School Fr. Paul Shaughnessy, S.J  
Whitney Bank Kevin Ericksen  
NROTC Unit Staff/PNS Captain Patrick Huete  
NROTC Unit Staff Commander Orlosky  
NROTC Unit Staff Capt. Meyer  
NROTC Unit Staff LT Gonzalez (SWO)   
NROTC Unit Staff LT Munns (SUB)  
NROTC Unit Staff Larry Ferguson  
NROTC Unit Staff Nam Cao - beef  
MIDN Chandler  
MIDN Drury  
MIDN  Hughes  
MIDN Mahler  
MIDN LaPorte  
MIDN Savoie  
MIDN Smith  
MIDN Trusty  


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